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Acts 435 is a giving website that allows people to give money directly to others, and 100% of what is donated via Acts 435 goes directly to those in need.

We are a key partner with Acts 435.  You can watch a short video to discover what they do and how we can help

When so many people need so much help giving to charities and good causes can sometimes feel overwhelming and hard. Acts 435 puts people who want to help in touch with people who are in need, through a network of churches and local charities. Acts 435 enables virtual, online giving for specific needs.

Acts 435 runs through a network of churches and local charities who nominate an Acts 435 representative, called the Advocate, who is trained by Acts 435 and posts requests directly onto our website for people in their community who are in need. 

100% of individual's donations go directly to the person or people donors choose to support. All administration costs are covered by Gift Aid. Acts 435 provides direct giving and seeks to provide fast, financial help to the people in need.